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Rediscovering and Utilizing the Power of Your Authentic Self

“When we die and go to heaven, and we meet our Maker;… the only thing we are going to be asked at that precious moment is why didn’t you become you?” Eli Wiesel

It is rare to find someone that is naturally living a ‘life’ that is generated from conscious choice; more often what is experienced, is a fear based repressed and reactionary one.

As children we have no trouble being authentic. During our social conditioning, it is driven home to us that in order to get along in the world, we need to withhold our opinions, listen to our elders, deny what we see, feel and hear, lie low or even lie. We begin the process of putting a lot of stuff; beliefs, opinions, self-criticisms, pain, fear, disappointments, humiliations, anger, rage, feelings of distrust and abandonment in a closet, with the idea that maybe it will go away or we’ll fix it later.

Unfortunately, what we don’t acknowledge, understand, feel and express; runs our thoughts, feelings, emotions, perceptions, reactions and choices. What we resist feeling and thinking about [disconnects us from ourselves and our source] and will manifest in some dysfunctional way.

Becoming aligned and congruent with our authentic childlike honesty and enthusiasm
creates a state where we and our perceived reality can merge into Wholeness.

Content of Your Authentic Self Program:

  • Recognising the many facets of ourselves [the many masks we wear]
  • Why we fragment our personality
  • How the unacknowledged and neglected inner child inhibits and even sabotages our lives
  • How we avoid feeling and inner needs through thinking, distraction and addictions
  • Interpreting and fulfilling the needs of the neglected inner child
  • How the body communicates through physical and/or emotional pain
  • Accepting, loving and befriending the perceived unlovable parts of ourselves
  • Developing the courage to be ‘intimate’ [the bridge to inner harmony and authenticity]
  • The healing and integrative power of play
  • Parts identification and integration
  • Reframing and utilizing past perceptions and reactions
  • Developing appropriate ‘Response ability’
  • The healing power of forgiveness
  • Source can not do for you what it isn’t allowed to do through you
  • Honouring and accessing the Spirit within
  • Reinspire enthusiasm and passion; and activate latent talent, vision, ability and strengths

A minute shift in greater understanding, acceptance, appreciation and perception of who we truly are capable of being and experiencing, can produce a huge transformation in what we achieve and the quality of the life we live. This seminar may be the very catalyst that takes you on the most exciting journey of your life; from fear to love; from desperation to inspiration; from your head to your heart; from loneliness and separation to connection.

Full Day Seminar      [actual presentation time, excluding breaks, is 6 hours]

'Comfort and conformity are the inhibitors of someone who wishes to grow' :: David Kliese