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Understanding and Activating Your Keys to Wellness

Wellness can be described as the full living of a healthy life at all levels: physically, emotionally, socially, intellectually and spiritually, as these dimensions of our selves interact synergistically.

Health is not just the absence of disease but rather conditional upon an adherence to an  holistic philosophy and framework involving taking responsibility and making healthy choices which includes developing a lifestyle that fosters balance and nurturing upon all levels of our being.

It’s been said that our thoughts become words, which lead to actions. Our actions repeated become habits, which form our character, which ultimately determines our destiny. The pivot point in this sequence and the real transformational ground of wellness is our habits. Habits have great capacity to harm or heal. Some of us who are the least healthy now have the capability of making the most significant gains in wellness, if we are willing to investigate, understand and replace our detrimental habits. This process of adopting good habits will help provide momentum and motivation away from practices that foster illness and towards those that enhance inner calm, harmony, balance and health.

This seminar addresses the four wellness requirements as identified by John Hopkins Medical Institutions that individuals need:  1.  Motivation [intent to live well]  2.  Knowledge [how to live well]  3.  Skills [ability to live well]  4. Resources [opportunity to live well].

Content of Keys to Wellness Program:

  • How  Wondrously we are made
  • Biology of Belief and Perception
  • The Role of Mind [Attitude] in Health and Disease
  • Emotional Initiators of Disease
  • How to Recognize, and Eradicate 6 Major Health Wreckers in your Life
  • A picture of Health starts with a Healthy Frame of Mind
  • The 7 aspects of Wellness
  • The 5 Dimensions of High Level Wellness
  • Stress, Psychophysiology of Stress, Substance addiction
  • Nutrition and Psycho – Nutrition
  • Developing a Healthy Attitude towards Death so we can live more fully

Illness and the symptoms of illness are not errors by your genes or a vindictive attack from microscopic enemies; they are states of adaptation caused by errors in lifestyle choice and/or exposure to environmental stressors.

Pathology is mythology, there are only states of adaptive physiology. So don’t just DRUG IT, NUMB IT, CHEMICALLY RELAX IT, ARTIFICALLY LOWER IT, or SURGICALLY REMOVE IT.  Learn how to identify and correct the imbalance at the causative level [as covered in this seminar] and this will help to drive your physiology towards health.

It should be understood that the Natural states of the Body and Mind are Health and Peace. Once they are both given the nurturing they need and obstructions and/or toxins removed; the natural state of balance and health will be restored.

Full Day Seminar      [actual presentation time, excluding breaks, is 6 hours]

'Comfort and conformity are the inhibitors of someone who wishes to grow' :: David Kliese