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Throughout the Science of Life Courses and Seminars you will notice that we endeavor to question and challenge wherever we can.
If we seek truth or even just to evolve emotionally, physically and technologically, then we must constantly re-evaluate what we have previously accepted as a fact or as being the only way. All growth at all levels, is due usually to a small number of innovative and often unconventional thinkers who dared to question.

Human beings like rules and order (when it suits them) so they often establish a belief or one or a limited number of ways of doing something, to give a stable foundation from which to operate. Yet they, and successive generations soon forget that it was just a convenient basis to function from, and quickly establish it as truth, a fact or the only way of doing something. Just because the majority of learned people accept it, does not make it truth.

Scientifically, it is not possible for the bumble bee to fly, yet because the bumble bee has never consulted the experts, it continues to do so. Aeronautical engineers said the Lear Jet could not possibly fly. However Mr. Lear believed otherwise and the plane flew. Many experts believed the sun moved around the Earth. That the Earth was flat, and that Jules Verns manuscript describing faxes, satellite, communication, television etc. was too far fetched to be published.

We look back upon our ancestors and think how narrow-minded, yet if we don’t question what presents itself to us, are we any better.

If we challenge a belief, a custom, a tradition, an established practice, a “truth”; we are questioning it’s validity, not attacking the sincerity, integrity or worth of the person who follows or adheres to it.

A truth will never be less for being challenged, usually ones understanding will be enhanced for such an investigation. An erroneous belief, a false assumption or an ineffective method or principle, will quickly reveal itself, but truth will still be the truth no matter what.

We must challenge the foundations of everything, in a constructive way, if we are to evolve physically, mentally and especially spiritually. Every philosophy, belief or foundation of an individual or profession, should constantly be challenged from without but especially from within, so that errors can be eliminated, and constant never ending improvement be incorporated into growth.

If you react when a belief is challenged, be it a religion, custom or tradition, then what fear or insecurity is that belief masking?
Everyone has a right to their own beliefs and if those beliefs are strong and based on truth, no challenge will shake them. Every challenge will only serve to clarify their understanding, yet if it shakes that belief, then the foundation was either not based on truth or their understanding was insufficient. Either way the challenge served them.

If you react to a point of view expressed in our course’s or seminars, remember that it is just that, a point of view (hopefully one worthy of consideration). Use the reaction to re-evaluate your beliefs. If you find them to be false or lacking, then exchange them to ones that serve you better.

Have the courage to question, challenge and most of all, confront your limits in consciousness, for that is what is preventing you from your peace, happiness or success.

‘Truth never changes,
only our perception of it expands as we grow!’