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Is your stress coping strategy working ‘for’, or ‘against’ you?

When we experience prolonged negative stress our body consumes Vitamin C, B-complex vitamins and potassium phosphate at an incredible rate. If we are not regularly consuming adequate amounts of these nutrients through our diet, then the resultant deficiency increases our stress response which in turn causes a greater deficiency in these protective nutrients.

When under stress, we tend to make poor food choices. When feeling overwhelmed, have you found yourself doing or consuming any of the following?

Caffeine:- 2.5 cups of coffee a day [250mg caffeine] will exhaust the adrenal glands, lead to poor concentration and decreased effectiveness, cause sleep disturbances, and increased levels of cortisol [stress hormone] in the blood.

Eating the Wrong Foods:- stressed people tend to crave foods high in fat, sugar and salt. These foods are highly addictive; they not only don’t supply sound nutrition but actually leach essential nutrients from the body. It’s been shown that it’s easier to get off heroin that it is to give up sugar.

Skipping Meals:- when stressed, we either overeat, or seldom eat at all. Our adrenals however sense we are dying so they signal our body for a quick fix. Hence we seek out sugars, or substances such as coffee or tea [and other caffeine containing drinks], alcohol or cigarettes; that stimulate the adrenals to signal the liver to release glucose. As these contain no nutrients, the blood sugar crashes soon after, keeping up this downward spiral.

Forgetting Water:- not only do stressed people forget to drink enough water; tea and coffee are diuretics so they dehydrate the body which causes lethargy, inflammation, reduced cognitive function and further craving for what’s bad for you.

Cigarettes:- these not only cause long-term health problems and stimulates adrenalin but each cigarette robs the body of 25mg of Vitamin C [anti-stress vitamin].

Alcohol:- one drink can help to relax a person however beyond that as it is devoid of nutrition it depletes numerous nutrients which then causes mental and physical dysfunctions.

Therefore to support your mind and body:- Eat regular, complete, and healthy meals; Drink water and healthy drinks regularly, and exercise daily. Also supplement your diet with a good vitamin and mineral stress formula. When you do this you not only reduce stress symptoms but do not crave the substances that work against you.