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When opportunity knocks, are you prepared to open the door to change, or are you generally unaware of it, as you are in the back yard looking for four leaf clovers?

In all my years of teaching personal growth and self-development, I have found that the greatest handicap to people attaining what they want is not lack of ability but rather lack of application. Most people dream of better things but don’t have the courage to “act” to make their dream a reality.

Self-development and vocational success, requires commitment and application, especially a determination to challenge the limiting beliefs that until now has trapped the person in mediocrity. To make a more fulfilling future, one requires a deep commitment to their desire plus a passionate conviction that they deserve it and will attain it. Only in this way will a dream become a reality.

In twenty four years of education and personal development, I have found that a number of people find the courage to inquire into a course of study that can change their life yet only a few actually commit themselves to it. To inquire, shows a desire for growth and change yet so many allow self doubt to set in, so they retreat within the safety of self imposed limits and do nothing.

Others may build the courage to enroll and receive some of the material, yet don’t do the evaluation requirements for fear of being found inadequate. I cannot speak for all institutions, yet in the Science of Life programs, we are not here to find what is wrong. We endeavor to foster what lies dormant in your potential and encourage you to develop it.

Some twenty or so years ago, I was hesitant about doing what I saw as a major challenge. I expressed my concerns to my spiritual teacher at that time, who said “without trying you have judged”. In that case and ever since, I have applied this statement whenever contemplating a new challenge. I have found that in ninety five percent of cases I would have previously judged myself to not be up to the task, that in fact I was able to do it.

So often before, I failed to achieve because I did not even try; I was beaten before I even began. I found seldom did I lack ability, for I later discovered, that “what one wills to do, one can develop the ability to do”, yet I judged myself inadequate. I learned my lesson and generally succeed at whatever I am determined to do, because I apply myself.

Everyone’s greatest asset is their inherit potential. There has never been a marathon runner who has run a race by training in a lounge chair watching television. They achieved their goal by training and doing what they wanted to do.

“There is nothing training cannot do. Nothing is above it’s reach. It can turn bad morals to good; it can destroy bad principles and recreate good ones; it can lift men to angelship.” Mark Twain.

Even if you feel hesitant to study or to grow and change as you have not done so for so long, this is never a problem unless you believe it to be so. No one expects you to understand a new subject immediately. As we challenge the brain with new ideas and concepts, it develops it’s ability to see things from a broader perspective. There can only ever be a problem if you fail to apply yourself, or fail to seek guidance, to ask why, how, etc.

The only difference between successful and non-successful people is the quality of the questions they ask themselves. Non-successful people ask themselves “how can I avoid this”, “how can I do the least I can”; whereas successful people ask; “how can I improve my understanding”, “how can I do this better”, “what can this challenge teach me”, “how can I help tap my potential” etc, etc...

You see, everyone CAN learn, they just have to be willing to not give into their previous limiting self talk; they must be willing to change all their no’s into now. ‘We can show you the how!’

Whether you undertake one of our courses, undertake self- study, or even another institutions courses, “do something.” Don’t become a person who in their twilight years says, “I should have done”; be a person who says, “I lived life to the fullest, I met the challenge and tapped my potential.”

You at this very moment are a self made person. You recreate yourself everyday by your thoughts, beliefs and actions. If you would rather be more confident, more assertive, more capable, more knowledgeable, to change your profession, to be more anything; then learn what is holding you back and the techniques and strategies that will create the future you want.

Some people may “appear” to be an overnight success, yet if you study their life closely you will find that they achieved, as a result of consistent daily application to the attainment of what they desired. They kept themselves motivated to follow a never- ending, forever expanding spiral of investigation and application of the principles and laws that govern successful pursuit of knowledge, self-fulfillment, and self-mastery, they remain free of the inertial forces which keep most people trapped in mediocrity and powerlessness.

“Mediocrity is self-inflicted; Genius is self-bestowed. The choice is yours.”
Walter Russell

Remember one phrase that will serve as a foundation for your life.

“If it’s to be, It’s up to me.”