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Accelerated ‘Practical Spirituality’

Life is a spiritual journey. When we understand this and intentionally reconnect to the higher, inner, aspects of ourselves, [and all that is] we can finally begin to make sense of our world.

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” Carl Jung. Psychologist

Knowing this, we can learn how and why, in our disconnected perception, we ‘unintentionally’ often create discord and suffering; and through understanding the creative process, how we can restore optimism, meaning and purpose. In so doing we can at last intentionally and consciously choose to allow ourselves to experience the love, joy, peace and wellbeing that is our birthright.

“Although each of us obviously inhabits a separate physical body, the laboratory data from a hundred years of parapsychology research strongly indicate that there is no separation in consciousness.”     Russell Targ,  Physicist

There is unlimited potential and power coursing through every cell of your being right now -- you only have to realize it, and learn how to embrace it, and how to intentionally use it.

Spiritual development begins to make sense when we realize we have both a personality and a spirit. While our personality identifies with limitation, our spirit knows itself to be limitless. Our challenge, through understanding and intention, is to bring the personality and spirit together in synergistic harmony so as to live simultaneously from all levels of mind, body and spirit.

Content of the Accelerated Practical Spirituality Program:

  • The search for a spiritual [eternal] identity; The Human relationship with the universe
  • Spiritual Fallacies and Superstitions; Getting rid of any inter'fear'ance
  • Beyond the conditioned, programmed self;  Transforming the ego; Levels of consciousness
  • The kingdom within; The dynamics of Spirituality; Accessing the I AM presence
  • Life situations as Spiritual opportunities; Sorting the wheat from the chaff
  • Shifting from mental chatter to Spiritual clarity; Making peace with who and where we are
  • Attunement: Hearing the still small voice of God; Conscious and cosmic awareness
  • Living in the flow; Spiritual/mindset practices; The voice of intuition
  • Follow your passion; The dynamic integrative and freeing process of surrender
  • Freeing blocked energy; Spiritual sexuality and intimacy; Traits of a practical mystic

This experiential seminar has a number of mind freeing and integrating exercises plus 3 guided hypnotic inductions to minimize resistance and to ‘condition in’ maximum receptivity, responsiveness and synergy so as to effectively access your spiritual essence.

Full Day Seminar      [actual presentation time, excluding breaks, is 6 hours]

'Comfort and conformity are the inhibitors of someone who wishes to grow' :: David Kliese