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Practical Metaphysics

Practical metaphysics, [as taught in the Science of Life programs and seminars], focuses on understanding and utilizing the inter- related and inter-dependent mental, physical, non-physical and spiritual laws and principles; that influence the attainment of a fuller expression of human potential, health, character development, creativity, harmonious relationships, mind dynamics, personal empowerment and spiritual growth; ie a sound philosophy of life that is: empowering, life relevant, applicable and easily integrated to improve ones life.

Practical metaphysics has no relationship with any organised religion, except that it shares a Spiritual foundation by which it recognises at the basis of reality, the existence of a ‘conscious, creative organising presence’ which is often referred to as The Unified Field, Universal Mind, Cosmic mind, Source Energy, All That Is, God, The Absolute, Infinite Being, Infinite Consciousness; to name but a few.

Content of the Practical Metaphysics Program:

  • Clearing the mind of Myths, Fallacies and Superstitions; Getting rid of any inter'fear'ance
  • "What is the purpose of life? ... What is my task? Why am I here? ... Why am I physical? What is my mission?; The Nature of Personal Reality; The Kingdom within; Re-connection
  • Cosmic consciousness; Christ consciousness; Buddha consciousness; Krishna Consciousness
  • Universal laws, The law of attraction; The Law of non-resistance; Law of allowing
  • The power of thought; The power of speech; The power of intent; Law of requisite variety
  • Self awareness – [mental, energetic and spiritual approach to integrate mind, body & spirit]
  • Self responsibility; [taking back your power to attract and create through conscious choice]
  • How to live in the flow [practical life skills to help you move beyond limiting belief patterns]
  • Mind, body, spirit connection in health and disease; Creating harmony on all levels
  • The Gifts of Knowing, Imagination, Celebration, and Reflection; Loving the self
  • Chakras, the aura and the subtle energy bodies; Developing attunement with nature

Achieving all the riches, fame and success that is possible in this world won’t guarantee health, happiness or peace of mind. If we are out of harmony with our inner self and spirit, there will always be a gap, a feeling of something missing. This ‘practical metaphysics’ seminar gives you the understanding and tools to bridge the gap between head and heart; between body and spirit; between feelings of isolation, separation and even desperation to ones of belonging, connection and unity.

Learn how to consciously create the life experiences you prefer.

This experiential seminar has a number of mind freeing and integrating exercises plus 3 guided hypnotic inductions to minimize resistance and to ‘condition in’ maximum receptivity, responsiveness and synergy so as to effectively access your inner wisdom.

Full Day Seminar      [actual presentation time, excluding breaks, is 6 hours]

'Comfort and conformity are the inhibitors of someone who wishes to grow' :: David Kliese