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Minimize Stress, Maximize Creativity, Health and Performance

Maladaptive response to the stressors in life are recognized as being responsible for over 95% of all the emotional, mental, physical and social disease related ailments of western society.

So it makes sense that if you want to improve your life then your primary focus should be to reduce this negative impact by developing an effective stress management philosophy, mindset  and strategy. Stress isn’t something that happens to you, it happens as a result of how you interpret and react to events in your life, ie, most of the tension and distress is self created and therefore transformable to empowering drive, energy, creativity, passion and enthusiasm.

Some stressors may include:- Loud noise, Uncomfortable air conditioning, Financial pressure, Unrealistic deadlines, Discouragement, Broken relationships, Fear, Pain, Traffic congestion, Wild weather, Unsupportive work colleagues, Crowding, Illness etc.

Content of Stress Management Program:

  • What is Stress? (Good/Bad stress)
  • Psychophysiology of Stress
  • Signs - Symptoms of Stress (Productivity, Creativity, Quality of Life....)
  • Why People are More Stressed Now, Than Ever Before!!!
  • Costs of Stress $$$ on individuals, companies, and our society
  • Overwhelm and substance addiction
  • Finding Time to Relax??? Motivation and Prioritizing
  • How to manage stress and avoid ‘burnout’
  • Your work as an extension of yourself
  • Cultivating a resilient mindset and lifestyle
  • Releasing reactivity and adopting positive responses
  • Transforming and optimising your state
  • How to tune your state up and down
  • Positive language and self-talk Stress Management Outcomes
  • Work / life balance - making time for fitness, wellness, family,
  • Diet, exercise, relationships, leisure
  • De-stressing techniques you can use right now
  • Autogenic Training, Progressive Relaxation, Visualization, Meditation for relaxation
  • Self-Hypnosis and Alpha techniques for Stress Management
  • Breathing techniques used for stress management

On completion of the program participants will be able to:  

  • Understand how correctly utilized stressors can be positive
  • Identify symptoms that reveal a tendency towards burnout and overload
  • Transform beliefs, thoughts, perceptions and behaviours which create stress reactions
  • Develop ways to positively change situations that can be changed
  • Develop positive ways to respond to situations that can not be changed
  • Overcome feelings of being overwhelmed and disempowered
  • Activate relaxed, empowered mental, emotional and physical states at will

Full Day Seminar     [actual presentation time, excluding breaks, is 6 hours]


'Comfort and conformity are the inhibitors of someone who wishes to grow' :: David Kliese