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LIFEFORCE – An essential nutrient

The average person seldom gives any thought to their health or to body maintenance until some disturbing symptom of disease claims their attention.

It’s generally accepted that to eat and drink enough to keep the feelings of hunger and thirst at bay, is sufficient to maintain health and vitality.

Yet what is put into the mouth is only part of what the body requires in energy requirements.
In fact, what is consumed via the mouth itself is often inadequate to maintain optimum health and vitality.

Modern innovative scientific research, especially quantum physics has validated what intuitive healers and philosophers have known for thousands of years: that our body is energy suspended in a framework of a humanoid form.

This energetic organism that we call the human body is dependent upon the vital force of the universe, to which it is interconnected, for maintenance and function. Humankind cannot live independent of Nature.

We are reliant upon a balanced interaction with her on all levels.

To maintain health and vitality we are dependent upon a constant supply of the following energetic needs: cosmic energy, sunlight, air, electro-magnetic energy, emotional energetic interaction, environmental stimulation and interaction and food.

All of these essential energy sources can vary in their degree of individual lifeforce and their effect upon the body’s own inherent vital force. Our individualised vital force is that which gives and maintains life within our body, yet it is dependent upon the universal Life Force that is expressed through all the avenues that I have mentioned.

Should the body be deprived of, or unable to fully utilise any one or a combination of any of these energies, then the mental and physical health of the person will ultimately suffer.

Cosmic energy is absorbed either directly or indirectly through both our physical and subtle energy bodies. When many people live regularly within houses, buildings or travel for long times within cars, many of these beneficial energies are filtered out, thereby causing a deficiency in this energy.

Sunlight is not only beneficial but essential - in fact no life as we know it, could exist without it. Sunlight penetrates some 80m into the earth’s surface thereby affecting many micro-organisms that also indirectly support us. The sunlight is absorbed via our skin where it creates vitamin D.

It also has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, tuning up the heart muscle and normalising blood pressure.

It enhances the immune system and helps to maintain health (yet balance with regard to the amount of exposure is required).

When absorbed via the eyes sunlight affects the body hormones by affecting the pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus.

Air and prana. It is generally understood that we can live for up to a couple of months without food, for days without water, but for only a matter of minutes without air. In addition to the life supporting oxygen that we breath in air, it also contains a life force component called prana. Prana is a sanskrit word meaning ‘absolute energy’.

People must breathe efficiently and expose themselves, wherever possible, to clean air to maintain optimum health and vitality.

The body also relies upon the electromagnetic energy within the earth and those that extend upon its atmosphere.

Though it is not clearly understood, the effect of these energies upon the human system, the fact that the brain contains some seven million microscopic magnets, would suggest that regular contact with the earth to be important.

Our body’s being energy in motion would indicate that it would require regular recharging from the interactive energies flowing through the universe.

Emotional energetic interaction. Human beings cannot exist successfully when separated from one another. We are all interdependent upon one another to provide the emotional stimulation and support necessary for physical and psychological health.

Babies who are given all the requirements for life but who are not handled will stop breathing. Love and affection is not just nice to have but essential to health and emotional wellbeing.

Environmental stimulation and inter action. All of Nature supports each component life form. Every colour, sound and smell has an effect upon our body and mind.

People who live in buildings and cities that are insulated considerably from Nature, often have a higher incidence of stress and poorer health.

Experience with imported birds and animals at San Diego Zoo found that when they provided simulated rain and sounds like those found in their native environment, then normal breeding cycles were restored as well as improved health.

Food. With the exception of a small number of breatharians, we all need food to power our bodies and keep us alive.

The food we eat primarily all comes from some form of plant life. The plant absorbs earth elements (minerals) as well as solar and cosmic radiation and transforms them into nutrients. They utilise enzymes, proteins and vitamins as temporary energy traps which upon consumption, are released into our bodies to supply energy growth and maintenance.

It is obvious that the more vital the life-force within our food the more is available to us to power mind and body.

Life force rich foods are essential for good looks and clear skin, growth and stamina, physical fitness, resistance to infection, prevention of disease, mental well-being and stamina, enjoyment of work and play, and life itself.

The food that most people eat today is not the same form that Nature initially prepared it.
Since World War II, the number of products on the supermarket shelves has risen from 800 to 15,000 reportedly for our convenience.

Yet at which price have we obtained this convenience?
For many the cost has been health and a much shorter and less vibrant life. The practice of adulterating, denurturing and manipulating food (over 3000 allowable food additives) before it arrives in the kitchen, plus the practice of cooking almost everything has left many foods, virtually life-forceless.

It must be realised that if your food is devitalised, you can literally starve to death even on a full stomach.

The greatest natural nutrition expert in Nature is perhaps the weevil. Weevils will not be found in heavily processed and chemicalised food unless there is absolutely nothing else. They will usually be found in whole natural foods before elsewhere because they recognise quality and can sense which food has the highest life-force value.

Vitality on all levels depends upon the supply of adequate levels of life force rich energies and a wise regulation of one’s lifestyle.