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Transforming the Fear of Public Speaking

What is Fear of Public Speaking COSTING you or your Organisation?

Fear is obviously an essential survival mechanism, however despite the  often quoted surveys that reveal Fear of Public Speaking being the #1 fear and the fear of death ranking # 7, there has never been even one reported case of anyone dying from the Fear of speaking in Public.

Surely it’s both a tragedy and a waste of talent, expertise and creative potential to allow any irrational fear to inhibit your career and life. Especially as it has been found that people who fear public speaking are amongst the ‘most’ creative, talented and competent.

Study after study has shown that public speaking ability is the #1 factor that influences a person’s ability to climb the career ladder. It’s not technical skills, intelligence, marketing savvy or even “who you know.” It’s the ability to convey ideas and concepts clearly and persuasively in front of other people.

If your business had a computer with a faulty program that severely limited it’s usefulness and was therefore costing you a lot in lost potential income, surely you would correct the fault quickly so as to get the best out of it. Wouldn’t you? So why not rewire your brain’s automatic response to speaking in public thereby transforming:

  • Fear into Curiosity and Positive action
  • Self-consciousness into Self-confidence
  • Reaction into Response-ability
  • Vision and Insights into Actuality

It’s obvious that a business can not advance nor benefit from creative ideas of employees that are not expressed as they can’t be materialised or utilised. Given that studies show that 87% of a person’s income is directly attributed to that person’s ability to confidently speak in public, surely it’s time to invest in freeing up their potential.

Full Day Seminar     [actual presentation time, excluding breaks, is 6 hours.]


'Comfort and conformity are the inhibitors of someone who wishes to grow' :: David Kliese