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Triad of Emotional Intelligence

What you don’t know CAN definitely hurt you!

Estimates by the Gallup Organisation in the United States of America [which applies to most first world countries] is that disengagement and negativity in the workplace, costs business and the economy about 300 billion dollars a year.

Tom Rath, researcher with the Gallup Organisation and co-author of “How Full is Your Bucket”, estimates that the “actual cost” when factoring in resultant injury, illness, fraud, turnover or absences, and the fact that one negative person can scare off colleagues or customers, would be at least one Trillion dollars a year.

Such disengagement and negativity can be the result of both management and  employees having unrealistic workloads, inability to manage stress, lack of recognition and the resultant feelings of being unappreciated, poor self-esteem and assertion skills, negative mindset, poor interpersonal skills, fear of speaking up [especially of speaking in public], lack of creative stimulation and/or lack of opportunity for creative expression etc.

Leading researchers [including Harvard] and organisational leaders [such as Fortune 500 CEO’s] recognize that Emotional Intelligence is one of the most important predictors of personal, business and professional success.

Imagine the Possibilities if you were to ‘invest’ in your organizations future by enhancing employee satisfaction, wellbeing, mindset, initiative, insight, creativity, win/win communication and team building skills NOW!

The following Transformational seminars by Dr. David Kliese Ph.D. serve to minimize that which limits, and activates, engages and maximizes participant’s ‘previously’ unrealized and relatively unutilized  inherent assets.

:: Transforming the Fear of Public Speaking
:: Personal empowerment through Mindset Transformation
:: Minimise Stress, Maximise Creativity, Health & Performance


'Comfort and conformity are the inhibitors of someone who wishes to grow' :: David Kliese