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Our beliefs are revealed in the metaphors we use

The Metaphors we use not only reveal the beliefs we hold but also influence us in hidden ways. They sometimes make our lives difficult because a ‘negative’ metaphor is stressful, causes conflict, obscures solutions, and keeps us trapped in limited ways of perceiving and responding.

If we believe that:-

• Life is a struggle, we will attract something to struggle against
• We are a warrior, we will attract a foe
• Life is a battle, we will encounter many strong enemies
• We have enemies, we will always have someone to fight
• We need a secret weapon, we will attract someone to battle
• Things/people are good or bad, we will judge ourselves accordingly
• The world is unsafe, then we will react with fear
• The world is overwhelming, then we will be overwhelmed
• Change is scary, we will be trapped in discontent
• Life is threatening, we will be trapped in fear and limits

When we think in terms of battle, struggle, difficulty, powerlessness, hopelessness, etc, we set up conflict within the mind. We wage war within, we battle within ourselves, we struggle between thoughts and emotions. We enact our beliefs within our mind, body and our experiences.

However, if we believe that:-

• Life is an adventure, we will be free to explore
• Life is full of opportunity, we will be free to create
• Life is meant to be fun, we will be free to laugh and play
• Life is love in action, we will give freely of ourselves
• Life is expanding, we will always seek to learn and grow

When we realize, that there is no one to battle, no enemy and nothing to conquer, then our life becomes joyful and free. All that is ever required, is for us to marvel at the wonder of life and to make peace within ourselves.